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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a guided, channelled, Medical Intuitive healing using Light Language, Sound, Vibration, Frequency & Energy Medicine to shift deep trauma, blocks to receiving healing, generational trauma and abuse.


Shamanic Healing Helps Release Trauma

Sometimes cleansing and smudging are required. Sometimes entities must be removed. It’s unique each visit for each client every time. It works in a gentle, non-invasive way to shift the seed of creation of the wound that inhibits our body, mind & spirit. It is in most cases, relaxing and deeply healing.

Heal Your Old Wounds

Some people feel deeply relaxed, some are energised after this treatment. For some, old wounds come to the surface out of the shadow of shame & victim mindset. A period of integration is sometimes required post treatment with some purging (can be both physical & emotional). As the body moves to a higher vibration & frequency, deep healing can and has be experienced by many.

Specialty Exclusive Treatment

Release your Trauma & Physical Pain with


Reduce the heaviness in your body, mind & spirit. Liberate yourself from past trauma & emotional pain today.