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Energy Healing

A gentle “laying on of hands”. Energy Healing helps to alleviate physical pain, release toxins, emotional patterns and programs that keep us stuck in a state of dis-ease, pain and trauma.

Energy healing is a gentle laying on of hands. It is relaxing, soothing and calming for most. It assists to alleviate physical pain, release toxins from the body and encourages ‘flow’ in energetic Qi pathways of the body. Unblocking energy flow has many other benefits for body, mind & spirit.

Energy healing

Energy Healing

In China, the Energetic pathways in the human body are referred to as “Qi” (pronounced Chee); In India, referred to as Prana (pronounced Prahna). In Japan the Energetic pathways of the body are referred to as “Life Force Energy” or Ki (pronounced Key).

Are you hurting in your body, mind or spirit? Is there a heaviness within your heart? Gentle, relaxing, non-invasive hands on Energy Healing can help.

Relax your body, release your pain with


Laying on of hands that soothe & help release energy blocks resulting in less pain & a feeling of lightness