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Transform your

body, mind & spirit

Healthy, body, mind & spirit is a soul at peace and in balance, energised; performing at peak potential.

Confident, Empowered, Authentic.


About Bec

My Life – A journey to Holistic Health

Since I was a child, I have been psychic and sensitive to energy. The heat in my hands brought comfort to people or animals. It wasn’t until I became a Registered Nurse…

Main Services


Access Bars

Access Bars, a gentle hands on technique that calms the mind & relaxes the body.

Energy healing

Energy Healing

Energy Healing helps alleviate pain, release toxins, & relax the body.

shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing

Light Language, Sound, Vibration, Frequency & Energy Medicine Combined. Releases Trauma.


Breath work helps oxygenate cells. Relax & calm body, mind & spirit.

Meditation Group

Meditation Group

Guided Meditation, deeper connection with ourselves & our divine nature, relaxing.

Sacred Circle

Sacred Circle

A group encouraging connection, personal & spiritual development to increase consciousness.


Learn How To Help Others Heal

Shamanic Practitioner Training

Learn to help initiate the Body’s healing capacity & restore balance & energy flow.

Certified Indian Head Massage Training

Receive 2 massages, gift 2 massages. Learn to help with headaches.


Empower Yourself

Receive updates, news, Health Education & Spiritual Empowerment each month




Based on 28 reviews

Kim Borwick
Kim Borwick
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I have had the privilege of visiting Bec for access bars and energy healing sessions. And what a beautiful sacred safe healing space she has created for clients like myself. The sessions are so deeply relaxing for the mind, body and soul. During the healing process I often experience a sensation of warmth and tingling moving through the body....makes me feel alive! I come away feeling centered, clearer of mind and energised. Bec truly is a special soul with healing hands. If you are looking for more peace, calm and clarity in life, I would highly recommend a visit to Bec.
Samara Hoelzl
Samara Hoelzl
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To be supported in the deep healing that Bec provides is actually something beyond words and even a price tag. Bec has helped me uncover things about my soul and it’s journey of many lifetimes that on my own may have taken me many more lifetimes to be aware of and heal. Working with Bec is profound, powerful and transformative, all whilst being held with such safety, warmth & authenticity from Bec herself. Could not recommend her more highly ~ deepest gratitude 🙏🏽
The Beauty of Yoga Amber Knight
The Beauty of Yoga Amber Knight
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The Indian Head Massage course with Bec was incredible! She is a knowledgeable guide who shared clear instructions and demonstrations of the techniques. The day allowed for plenty of hands on practice which gave me the confidence to begin practicising massage on others the following day. I would highly recommend Bed D Transformation Coach as a facilitator and this course in particular will be of great benefit to myself, my business and to others who I share it with. I would like to learn more with Bec in the future.
Amanda Naicker
Amanda Naicker
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I have had the privilege of attending two of Bec's practitioner training classes, both Indian Head Massage and Access Bars. Bec puts so much effort into her training sessions, they are well delivered, well presented and combine the perfect amount of theory with practical hands on experience. Bec has a genuine passion and enthusiasm for what she teaches and the wisdom she imparts during her classes is incomparable. She has such a gentle, kind and caring energy. Bec is truely gifted and I am so grateful to have met and trained with her.
Zane Lindsay Wild
Zane Lindsay Wild
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I’ve been seeing Bec for the past 2 years for her bars, energy work and also group meditations that she runs. All have been amazing and have helped me experience aspects of myself that if not being facilitated would’ve taken much longer or not have been faced by myself. Bec creates a space in which it is safe to experience and face things within ourselves that normally we might not feel comfortable to face. She has also helped with energy work around a dislocated shoulder helping to ease the pain and help facilitate the healing power of the body. If you’ve read this far and are still on the fence just give it a go; the worse thing that can happen is you have a new experience that might not be for you but might be something you can recommend to others. But there is always best case where you find value in the offerings Bec has.


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