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Transform your

body, mind & spirit

Healthy, body, mind & spirit is a soul at peace and in balance, energised; performing at peak potential.

Confident, Empowered, Authentic.


About Bec

My Life – A journey to Holistic Health

Since I was a child, I have been psychic and sensitive to energy. The heat in my hands brought comfort to people or animals. It wasn’t until I became a Registered Nurse…

Main Services


Access Bars

Access Bars, a gentle hands on technique that calms the mind & relaxes the body.

Energy healing

Energy Healing

Energy Healing helps alleviate pain, release toxins, & relax the body.

shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing

Light Language, Sound, Vibration, Frequency & Energy Medicine Combined. Releases Trauma.


Breath work helps oxygenate cells. Relax & calm body, mind & spirit.

Meditation Group

Meditation Group

Guided Meditation, deeper connection with ourselves & our divine nature, relaxing.

Sacred Circle

Sacred Circle

A group encouraging connection, personal & spiritual development to increase consciousness.


Learn How To Help Others Heal

Shamanic Practitioner Training

Learn to help initiate the Body’s healing capacity & restore balance & energy flow.

Certified Indian Head Massage Training

Receive 2 massages, gift 2 massages. Learn to help with headaches.


Empower Yourself

Receive updates, news, Health Education & Spiritual Empowerment each month


Access Bars & Reiki Energy Healing Sunshine Coast:
Distant Healing Online : Online Coaching Worldwide

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