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Meditation Group

Meditation is a way to transform our inner world, to connect ourselves to our breath, to become present with us, our higher self and true divine nature.

Practiced long term, it provides peace, clarity and calm for the mind, body & spirit.


What is Meditation Group?

Meditation Group is an opportunity to unplug from the world; re-connect with you in a deeper way within the power of a group. A tool to create space to simply “listen” to your inner guidance system. Take time out to reconnect with your authentic self.

Join Meditation Group Today

Come out of your head into your heart. Make new friends, relax and reconnect with yourself and others in a deeper way. Take time out to renew your body, mind & spirit and meet like minded people. The channelled downloaded meditation will be specific & exclusive one off for who shows up on the day.

Join me for Channelled, Guided Meditation to
relax, unwind, and receive some healing.

Reset Your Body, Mind & Spirit with


Take this opportunity to share and connect with like-minded souls with Our Meditation Group.


Meditation Playlist

Channelled Guided One of a Kind Meditations. Exclusive. One Offs. When we take time out to be quiet, to be still, we open the creative possibilities within our body, mind and spirit. Our thoughts are the frequency we send out into the world, they act like a broadcast system, a vibration that goes out. Our feelings attract and magnetise things, people and experiences to us. When we set aside time on waking and time before rest to meditate and concentrate on the vibration we send forth. We create our lives in a more peace-filled, meaningful, conscious way and can magnetise to us that which we desire. When we jump into the day unconsciously, it's far more difficult to create the life we truly desire.