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Certified Indian Head Massage Training

Indian Head Massage is a seated massage for upper back, shoulders, neck, head, face and arms.

In this Certified Training you will learn:

How to give a Seated Indian Head Massage.

You’ll be guided through the massage sequence step by step.

You’ll receive & gift this massage twice to other students in the training.

You’ll receive easy to follow sequence sheets of the process that you’ll take home.

You’ll graduate with a certificate of completion for the one day 6 hour training.


This Massage Is Relaxing And Soothing

We finish with a beautiful energy medicine chakra healing for throat, third eye and crown chakra. This is a hands on training day of 6 hours. You’ll be a Certified Practitioner on completion. If you should lose these sheets, please note a duplicate can be requested. Cost is $5 plus postage.

Certified Practitioner Training